FIFA 13: New Tips and Tricks FIFA Ultimate Team video will explain to you – daily now!

In a new video tips and tricks for FIFA 13 from EA Sports series of TV you get declared the Ultimate Team mode. The guide gives you tips for example, how you can keep players for your ultimate team in mind. It also sets you how the auction system works.

A new tips and tricks video brings you the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 13 closer. The new part of EA Sports’ football simulation appears on 27 September. (9) FIFA 13 fans count down the days. On 27 September will come on the market in the new part of the football simulation for PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation third In the meantime, developers EA Sports released regularly add new videos to the highly anticipated game. In the new edition of EA Sports Television you experience now, as the Ultimate Team mode works.

So you can create your own personal favorite team, player exchange, as well as buy and sell. How this works in detail, you can watch the video that we provide to you under these lines. If you more information and reports on the upcoming part of EA Sports seeks’ football game, you are on our topic page for FIFA 13 is just the right.

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